Lawrence Wasden

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Idaho Attorney General Lawrence Wasden announced Tuesday his candidacy for another term in office. Wasden made the announcement in the State Capitol this afternoon. The Republican will be seeking his fourth term in office. He was first elected in 2002 and took office in 2003.

Wasden says the office of attorney general is where he thinks he can make his greatest contribution to society.

State of Idaho

Unlike his counterpart in Virginia, Idaho Attorney General Lawrence Wasden says his personal views on same-sex marriage are irrelevant when it comes to defending the state's Constitution. It’s safe to say Wasden and Virginia Attorney General Mark Herring look at their jobs very differently. 

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A federal judge says a Boise-area hospital violated federal antitrust laws when it purchased Idaho's largest independent physicians' practice.

U.S. District Judge B. Lynn Winmill made the ruling Friday, ordering St. Luke's Health System to undo its buyout of the Nampa-based Saltzer Medical Group.

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Idaho Attorney General Lawrence Wasden and 39 of his colleagues want tougher regulations for electronic cigarettes. The group hopes the federal government will act by Halloween.

The group sent a letter in September to the Food and Drug Administration. In it, the Attorneys General say e-cigarettes use nicotine, which is an addictive substance.

State of Idaho

Idaho Attorney General Lawrence Wasden says he plans to run for his office again in 2014.

Wasden first took the office in 2003, running the office that represents the state in criminal appeals, deals with consumer protection litigation, and advises agencies on contracts and other matters.

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Idaho's lawsuit against several major pharmaceutical companies over allegations of inflated drug prices has come to an end with the state recovering more than $28 million in damages.

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The Idaho Attorney General's office says other states' responses to Idaho's newly enhanced concealed weapons permit have been mixed.

Last year only 11 states honored Idaho's concealed weapons permits within their own borders because of the minimal training standards required of Idaho permit holders. In an effort to convince more states to grant reciprocity, lawmakers earlier this year created an enhanced version of the permit and asked Idaho Attorney General Lawrence Wasden to reach out to every state to see which would extend reciprocity.

Idaho Land Board Approves Mining Lease

Sep 18, 2012

The Idaho Land Board signed off today on a lease that would allow a gold miner along the Salmon River to exclusively mine for gold.

Mike Conklin of Grangeville wants to do what’s called suction dredge mining along a half mile stretch of the Salmon River near Riggins. It’s a process where a miner sucks up the the river bottom in search of particle sized gold.

Miners like Conklin need two things from a state level - a mining permit by the Department of Water Resources and a five-year Land Lease from the Department of Lands. He has both.