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Idaho Sets Record For Wheat Yield In 2018

Edwin Henry
Flickr Creative Commons
Wheat farmers in Idaho set by-the-bushel records this year.

Gem State farmers set new records with the average wheat yield per acre. According to the Capital Press, part of that success was due to Mother Nature: Farmers got moisture and hot temperatures at the right amount and the right time.


But it also indicates that producers are using the right tools to get the results they need.

In total Idaho produced 104 million bushels of wheat this year.

Meanwhile in neighboring Washington, farmers harvested 153 million bushels. But their average yield per acre was lower than Idaho’s. Oregon suffered acreage loss due to wildfires, but they still expect to haul in over 50 million bushels.

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Frankie Barnhill was the Senior Producer of Idaho Matters, Boise State Public Radio's daily show and podcast.