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From air quality concerns to evacuations, wildfires impact pretty much everyone. We've rounded up some resources to make sure you're prepared as we head into Idaho's wildfire season.

Author Writes About Fighting Wildfires In Idaho

Jerry Mathes

A writer from Idaho has won a North American Book Award. Author Jerry Mathes won the best memoir award for his book “Ahead of the Flaming Front: A Life on Fire.”

Mathes started fighting wildfires in 1997 in north Idaho. His book takes readers from his terrifying start as a wildland firefighter to becoming part of a team of seasoned crew members. He writes about the bureaucracy of the fire service, living on the fire line and the life - and death - of friends on the fire.

The book is a look at Mathes' start in fighting wildfires in 1997. It follows him through his early career and his time as a seasoned veteran.

Mathes says he wanted to write the book, in part, for his buddies on the fire line.

“We throw around the word ‘hero’ a lot, but these are just hardworking folks who just wanted to do a good job, do something good for the community, for the land, pay their way for college or support their families.”

Credit Jerry Mathes

Mathes left Idaho in 2012 for a full-time job in California. When he’s not writing about fire, he writes about being a single dad. His novella, “Still Life,” won the Meadow Prize earlier this year.

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