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Serious Respiratory Virus Reported In Eastern Idaho

Eastern Idaho health officials say four children have been hospitalized due to a respiratory virus.

Officials tell KIFI-TV that the children are being treated at the Eastern Idaho Regional Medical Center.

Hundreds of children in more than 10 states have been sickened by a severe respiratory illness that public health officials say may be caused by an uncommon virus similar to the germ that causes the common cold.

The four cases in eastern Idaho are the first reported in the state. Hospital officials say the children have symptoms consistent with enterovirus 68.

However, the Idaho Department of Health and Welfare says there are more than 100 types of enteroviruses which are very common this time of year.  The department says the CDC will have to confirm if the Idaho cases are actually enterovirus 68.

Health experts say the virus can cause mild coldlike symptoms but that this summer's cases are unusually severe and include serious breathing problems.