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Eagle Soccer Coach Receives Hateful Letter

Jeromy Tarkon
The letter Jeromy Tarkon received on his windshield last weekend.

Jeromy Tarkon, an Eagle soccer coach, received a shocking note on his car windshield last weekend. Tarkon is the coach of the Idaho Juniors Futbol Club, a soccer club based in the Eagle area.

In a Facebook post, Tarkon describes the note, which used several racial slurs. In part it read: 

"It's because of liberals like you that our state is full of BLANK and BLANK. Your BLANK boy made the soccer field unclean by stepping on it."

The note continues: "You are no better than the trash families you have. You are trash ... Quit now before the whole state hates you."

In his Facebook post, Tarkon says the team is composed of kids with different racial and cultural backgrounds. In his words:

"After receiving this letter full of hate I have concluded that racism is as real today as it was in the past ... I will stand by my families and boys and combat this hate with every ounce of strength and energy I have."

Tarkon received overwhelming comments of support on this post.

The Ada County Sheriff's office, which contracts with the City of Eagle for law enforcement, confirms it is investigating the incident as malicious harassment.

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