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What is synesthesia? Morning Edition visits 'The Color of Sound'

Dr. Courtney Gilbert, curator of visual arts at Sun Valley Museum of Art
George Prentice, Sun Valley Museum of Art
Dr. Courtney Gilbert, curator of visual arts at Sun Valley Museum of Art

When the Sun Valley Center for the Arts changed its name to Sun Valley Museum of Art, Dr. Courtney Gilbert, curator of visual arts, said walk-in traffic tripled. And when word-of-mouth multiplied over the museum's most recent exhibit, it quickly became one of the museum's most talked-about showcases in its history.

"The Color of Sound" explores the relationship between art and synesthetic experience. It features artwork by artists who are synesthetes — who experience synesthesia, the phenomenon by which certain people experience one sense through another.

Morning Edition host George Prentice sat down with Gilbert to talk about the centerpiece of the exhibit - the neurological phenomenon that is synesthesia - and got a first-person tour of "The Color of Sound."

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