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Defense rests in Lori Vallow trial, closing arguments to begin Thursday

A sketch showing Lori Vallow, Rob Wood and Jim Archibald with light coloring and shading of a background and laptops.
Lisa C. Cheney
Associated Press
This courtroom sketch, from left, depicts Madison County prosecutor Rob Wood, Lori Vallow Daybell and defense attorney Jim Archibald during opening statements of Vallow Daybell's murder trial in Boise, Idaho, Monday, April 10, 2023. Prosecutors have charged Vallow Daybell and her husband, Chad Daybell, with multiple counts of conspiracy, murder and grand theft in connection with the deaths of Vallow Daybell's two children: Joshua "JJ" Vallow and Tylee Ryan. Both are also charged in connection with the death of Chad Daybell's previous wife, Tammy Daybell. (Lisa C. Cheney via AP)

The prosecution and defense in the trial of Lori Vallow ended Tuesday, with the defense saying it does not believe the state has proven its case.

Vallow is accused of killing two of her children, Tylee Ryan and JJ Vallow and the ex-wife of her current husband Chad Daybell and grand theft.

East Idaho News reports defense attorneys petitioned the court for a Rule 29 review, which prompts the judge to determine whether or not enough evidence has been presented on each count to move forward to a jury decision.

The prosecution said, “The state rests” at 1:35 p.m. on Tuesday. Prosecuting attorney Lindsey Blake said, “They have presented evidence to support all the elements of the indictment and the case is ready to be submitted to the jury at the close of the defense’s arguments,” according to East Idaho News.

The defense also said it would rest, calling no witnesses and deciding not to have Vallow take the stand in her own defense.

Boyce also issued an order Tuesday reversing a previous order entered on Sep. 23, 2022, which prohibited video and photographic coverage of the court proceedings. The court will broadcast the verdict on its YouTube channel when that comes down.

Right now, cameras and recording devices are prohibited during the trial.

Closing arguments will begin on Thursday morning. Boyce will meet with the defense and prosecutors on Wednesday to work on jury instructions. The jury will be excused on Wednesday and will resume Thursday with closing arguments.

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