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Andrew Severance

Newsroom Intern

As a newsroom intern, I craft some of the stories you hear on air and online that (hopefully) put you a little more in touch with our community.

I remember going out on my first assignment in Boston, Massachusetts, where I covered the opening of a new subway station. It was the first time I was surrounded by influential bureaucrats and journalists who had been in the business much longer than me. After swallowing my fears (and adjusting to the frigid March weather while wearing only a short-sleeve tee and slacks), I spoke to a few of the project’s managers and wrote a short story. I could finally call myself a journalist, a title I dreamed of pinning upon myself.

That story aired at my first station, WTBU, during my time at Boston University. I’m still a student there, but I'm joining BSPR for the summer as a news intern. Exactly one day into the job, I knew it would be something I’d come to love: reporting in the city I grew up in.

Outside my job, you can find me skiing, cycling, traveling or playing video games (especially city simulators).

If you have a story to tell me, drop me a line at andrewseverance@boisestate.edu.