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Commission for reappointment recasts votes on Idaho’s new political district maps

James Dawson
Boise State Public Radio

Idaho’s redistricting commissioners met again Wednesday at the Idaho Capitol to recast their votes on proposed legislative maps.

Redistricting commissioners voted last week on these maps, but with concerns about Idaho’s open meeting laws they recast their votes Wednesday afternoon at the Idaho Capitol to avoid any legal challenges.

The legislative map passed unanimously with the congressional map passing with four of six votes. The dissenting voices came from commissioners Nels Mitchell and Dan Schmidt.

Now the commission will deliver their final report to the Idaho Legislature. It includes a letter reflecting on the hurdles commissioners faced, including reconciling the maps with Idaho law.

Districting Commission Chairman Bart Davis also said the letter will provide some guidance for future commissioners and recommendations for lawmakers.

“So that our successors, whoever they may be, might have either increased flexibility or additional tools for them to do their job as they craft redistricting plans in the future,” said Davis.

The commission had voted multiple times expressing their inability to follow sections of Idaho law that are supposed to guide the state’s districting process.

The commission emphasizes that it’s not a letter of legislative action.

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