City Club Of Boise: Living Large In Small Spaces

Oct 12, 2017

This forum was recorded on Wed the 8th of November, 2017

Tiny Houses seem to be all the rage these days. They even have their own TV shows. But, are all tiny homes the same? How are they constructed? Are they legal residences? Who lives in them? And why are they so popular now?


These questions and more will be answered by our tiny house/small footprint home experts. Jesse Collinsworth builds tiny homes at his company, Tiny Idahomes, in Caldwell; Dana Zuckerman just completed a subdivision development of four small homes in northwest Boise; and as the Planning Director for the City of Boise, Hal Simmons determines, through zoning and building codes, where and how these small homes can become part of the housing options in our community.


Join us to learn more about tiny homes and see if these little homes are built for YOU!

Chair: Jane Suggs