An Interview From Our Archives With Cecil Andrus

Sep 1, 2017

Cecil Andrus receives an honorary doctorate from Boise State in 2004.
Credit Boise State University

Today we’re featuring a special edition of our show as we remember and honor the remarkable life and legacy of Cecil D. Andrus, who died last week, just one day before his 86th birthday. Governor Andrus was the only Idahoan elected four times as the state’s governor, and he also served as Secretary of the Interior under President Jimmy Carter. He was a lifelong Democrat, but he knew how to work with colleagues of various persuasions to address issues that truly mattered to Idahoans, and to the nation.

In November of 2004,  host Bob Kustra had the privilege of interviewing Cecil Andrus on this program, and today we’re airing an encore edition of that interview. The program begins with an introductory conversation with  John Freemuth, executive director of the Andrus Center for Public Policy at Boise State University, about Andrus' life and legacy.