VIDEO: Watch Spanish Rockers Hinds Party In Boise During Treefort

Jun 17, 2016

This year's Treefort Music Fest may seem like a distant memory already, but luckily you can relive some of the magic with a new video from New York-based fashion and culture website Refinery29. The online zine interviewed Spanish rockers Hinds during their visit to Boise this March. The all-female band was one of the most talked about groups to play the indie festival, and their infectious energy and feminist prowess got people moving at each of their three performances.

But Hinds has faced backlash in the industry and from internet trolls, which lead singer Carlotta Cosials approaches head-on in the video. 

"In Spain in music, being a girl is still like 'Oh, you're the girlfriend of this musician,'" says Cosials. "Or 'you're cute.' They always search for a reason that we are where we are because of a man."

"In a way, you've got to fight. And we totally feel like fighters."

The video follows the four musicians around some recognizable downtown haunts, including the Modern Hotel (where they stayed and seemed pretty stoked to have separate beds), inside their daytime set at Woodland Empire, and -- of course -- interviewing them in the infamous women's powder room at the El Korah Shrine. 

Watch the full video from Refinery29 here.

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