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"Owls Of The Eastern Ice" By Jonathan C. Slaght

When he was just a fledgling birdwatcher, Jonathan C. Slaght had a chance encounter with one of the most mysterious birds on Earth. Bigger than any owl he knew, it looked like a small bear with decorative feathers. He snapped a quick photo and shared it with experts who identified the Blakiston’s Fish Owl.   Soon he was on a five-year journey, searching for this enormous, enigmatic creature in the lush, remote forests of eastern Russia.  Since they are also endangered, Slaght and his devoted team aimed to craft a conservation plan to help ensure the species’ survival.

Jonathan C. Slaght is the Russia and Northeast Asia coordinator for the Wildlife Conservation Society, where he manages research projects on endangered species and coordinates avian conservation activities from the Arctic to the tropics.  His work has been featured by The New York TimesThe Guardian, the BBC World Service, NPR, Smithsonian MagazineScientific American, and Audubon magazine, among others.

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