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On The Wednesday, July 11, 2018 Edition Of Idaho Matters:

  • Re-evaluating treatment of post traumatic stress for first responders.
  • Idaho's first openly gay Republican candidate talks about the GOP of 2018.
  • A new entertainment plaza opens in Caldwell.

- Following the deadly attack against Boisians attending a child's birthday party, Boise Fire Chief Dennis Doan called for a re-examination of the methods used to treat fire fighters and other first responders for PTSD, telling the Idaho Press, "I do know that more firefighters killed themselves than died in the line of duty." Chief Doan joins Idaho Matters to discuss the need for proper treatment for first responders and how current workers compensation plans neglect this treatment.

- This year's Idaho Republican Convention stuck pretty much to script until 26-year-old Dom Gelsomino took the floor and introduced himself as a "Christian, a fellow conservative and Idaho's first openly gay Republican to run for office." Gelsomino asked the state GOP to abandon its position on gay marraige and to demonstrate more tolerance and inclusion. Dom Gelsomino joins Idaho Matters to talk about today's GOP and and how it might work with the LGBTQ+ community.

- The long awaited Indian Creek Plaza opens in downtown Caldwell. The multi-purpose plaza will serve as a concert venue, a festival space and will facilitate further development in Caldwell's downtown corridor. We'll speak with Caldwell mayor Garrett Nancolas about the plaza's debut.