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'Wanna Know Idaho' Podcast Investigates Goatheads (Also Known As Puncture Vines)

Marshall Simmonds
The aftermath of “The Great Blowout of 2016" where Marshall and his friends lost 18 bike tires to a patch of goatheads along the Boise Greenbelt...";

As the days get cold and temperatures dip below freezing, some people may be putting away their bikes for the winter. But before that, Boise State Public Radio's Wanna Know Idaho podcast wants to take you back to those summer bike rides, which are sometimes punctuated quite literally by a pesky foe known as the goathead.

Here's the question from listener Marshall Simmonds: “Where did goatheads come from? I was originally under the impression that they were brought in as a preventative measure for the Idaho State Penitentiary in Boise as a deterrent for prisoners who may have escaped?

Simmonds and podcast producer Molly Wampler talk to the director of the Idaho Weed Awareness Campaign Roger Batt, and Idaho State Historical Society historian and Old Penitentary expert Amber Bierele to understand where goatheads originated and if there's any truth to the Old Pen myth.
You can find the full story on the Wanna Know Idaho page, where you can also submit a question for us to investigate next time. 
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Molly Wampler is a newsroom intern at Boise State Public Radio. Originally from Berkeley, California, she just graduated from the University of Puget Sound in Washington state. There, Molly worked for her university's newspaper but is stoked to try her hand at and learn all there is to learn about radio journalism.