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How to avoid the consequences of 'girl math'

Rolls of money lay next to one another.
Pictures of Money

In today's economy, many of us are on a budget, so when we decide to splurge on an item we often try and rationalize the purchase - which is a common theme we see on social media, the latest trend being "girl math."

It works something like this: if you use cash to pay for something its free, if you don't buy an item on sale you're losing money, if you skip your morning Starbucks you're making money.

When it comes to thinking about finances in this way though it's not just women who are falling into the justification trap, everyone is. Which is why we thought we'd invite a financial expert to talk about unhealthy versus healthy spending habits.

Jessica Salyers, the Vice President and Meridian Silverstone Branch Manager of Zions Bank joined Idaho Matters to talk more.

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