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"This America Of Ours" By Nate Schweber

In late-1940's America, few writers commanded attention like Bernard DeVoto. Alongside his brilliant wife and editor, Avis, DeVoto was a firebrand of American liberty, free speech, and perhaps our greatest national treasure: public lands. But when a corrupt band of lawmakers sought to quietly cede millions of acres of national parks and other western lands to logging, mining, and private industry, the DeVotos entered the fight of their lives.

In his book, This America of Ours: Bernard & Avis DeVoto and the Forgotten Fight to Save the Wild, journalist Nate Schweber uncovers the forgotten story of a progressive alliance that altered the course of the 20th century history and saved much of the American wilderness from ruin.

Nate Schweber is an award-winning journalist for the New York Times and CNN, among many other publications. In 2020, a ProPublica series he contributed to won the Pulitzer Prize for national reporting.

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