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Voters brave long lines at Canyon County polls: 'It's worth it'

About three dozen people wait in line to cast their ballot inside a large building on the Northern Nazarene University campus.
Julie Luchetta
Boise State Public Radio
Voters in Nampa braved long lines to vote at the NNU polls before closing time.

Despite Canyon County’s campaign to get ballots in early, the county saw long lines at the polls with many folks waiting for one to two hours to cast their vote

Krystin Christopherson was not surprised by the waiting times at her polling station at Northwest Nazarene University in Nampa. They’ve been long every time she’s voted in the county.

When the polls closed at 8 p.m., there still were about 30 people in front of her and many many more waiting behind her. She had been in line for more than an hour.

“I'm feeling tired. It's the end of the day,” she said. “But I'm still pleased to be here.”

“I think it's important to really put your foot down and vote for what your conscience believes is right. In any election, especially in the smaller elections where the votes matter,” she added.

Myra Morales was not deterred by the long lines either.

“My sister actually didn't make it. She was like, No, the line's too long. I can't make it,” she said.

Her sister could not find childcare for her kids and had no way of bringing them with her to the polls. “That's the only sad part about it.”

Anyone who made it through the doors before 8 p.m. was able to cast their vote. Grace and Christian Vandehey arrived at 5:50 p.m. By 8 p.m., they were still waiting, but in good spirits.

Grace, who is eight months pregnant, came prepared with comfortable shoes. She was able to sit down while waiting as the line slowly moved toward the voting booths. Showing up and braving the wait was important to both of them.

"It's worth it," Grace said.

The couple wanted their voice to be heard because everyone's vote matters, they said.

“You know, it's an important part of our culture here in the United States,” Christian said.

Poll worker Jay Duffy said lines are common for the NNU location but this year seemed a bit different.

“We've had record numbers here today,” he said. “I myself checked in over 300 people.”

When polls closed at 8 p.m., the polling station on campus had seen 1,900 voters, more than the usual 1,500.

Find reporter Julie Luchetta on Twitter @JulieLuchetta.

As the Canyon County reporter, I cover the Latina/o/x communities and agricultural hub of the Treasure Valley. I’m super invested in local journalism and social equity, and very grateful to be working in Idaho.