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Idaho Hispanic college enrollment grows to new highs

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A national survey showing the recent trends of colleges found a significant increase in Hispanic enrollment.

According to the CollegeBoard national survey, there was on average a 10% increase in enrolled Latino and Latina students.

In Idaho, data collected from college institutions show they have a greater percentage than the national average. Latinas and Latinos comprise about 13% of the population in Idaho, according to the 2020 Census. But even with a small relative population, Idaho universities statistics show more Latinos attending classes.

The University of Idaho data showed in 2010 there were 641 Latino undergraduates. Ten years later, that number has grown to 883, roughly a 38% increase.

In an email from Boise State, starting in 2013 they showed they had 1,510 Latino students. Today, they have 2505 students, a 67% increase.

Idaho State University data shows they had 597 Latino students in 2010. Ten years on, that number grew to 1,390 students, a 132% jump.

While Latino student numbers rise in universities, Idaho Board of Education data shows overall enrollment went down at some schools.

In 2011, the University of Idaho had around 10,000 full-time students and in 2020 that number dropped to about 8,000. Boise State's numbers went from 13,450 to 14,220 students, and ISU's from 7,702 to 6,141.

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