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What to know before selling and using fireworks this Fourth of July

 Blue and White fireworks explode in the night sky above a small crowd of people.
Murphy Woodhouse
Mountain West News Bureau

The Fourth of July is less than two weeks away and with a season of increased wildfire risk, local experts say using fireworks responsibly is crucial to keeping celebrations safe.

Only fireworks deemed “safe and sane,” or non-aerial, can be sold within the City of Boise, and sellers must hold a permit.

Lighting fireworks of any kind in the foothills or in Boise parks is prohibited, but using legal fireworks in areas clear of vegetation and away from structures is allowed.

With the weather heating up and things drying out, fireworks are a concern when it comes to both house fires and wildfires. Idaho has laws in place to keep fireworks safe and sane, but you can still buy aerial fireworks even though they are illegal to light in the state.

Boise Fire Marshal Division Chief Mike Bisagno says knowing your surroundings is key.

“It is a great time to celebrate, but celebrating responsibly –– take into account people that are around, neighbors, other animals that are around as well,” he said in an interview.

Once fireworks have been used, even if they did not go off properly, Bisagno says to be sure to soak them in water overnight before disposing of them to help prevent trash fires.

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