You Know The Place

It's a podcast!

Every day, you drive by hundreds of businesses you've never stopped at, shopped at or (sometimes) even noticed. That's where we come in. From reptile markets to running groups, bead stores to bodegas, natatoriums to nude retreats, You Know The Place explores the Idaho stores, shops, clubs, and pubs you always pass by, but never seem to visit.

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Joel Wayne / Boise State Public Radio

For better or worse, society puts up a curtain around the process and business of death. This week Joel and LD stop into a business with the hopes of peeking through a bit.

Lacey Daley / Boise State Public Radio

If someone asks if you want to see the "stink room," you reply affirmatively, right? No? Was that just us? Anywho, join us as we head to Caldwell to learn about skunk lures and fireworks!

Joel Wayne / Boise State Public Radio

We're kicking off our second season with a twist as we allow Joel to nominate ALL the vape shops on Overland in Boise. Well, kinda. 

S1: Parrots 'N' Stuff

Jun 7, 2018
Joel Wayne

Since we started this season at a reptile store, it seems appropriate to end it at a bird shop, right? Shout out to Brian in Boise for the suggestion! Warning: This episode contains some loud squawking and LD's (ugh) bird voice.

S1: Boise Stage Stop

May 31, 2018
Joel Wayne

Say you're on a road trip and just happen to be craving the following: a hot shower, hashbrowns & gravy, a personalized pocket knife, a bucket of popcorn in a movie theater, a bidet. Well, there's a place for all that.

S1: Stewart's Gem Shop

May 24, 2018
Joel Wayne

We stumbled upon a hidden gem in west downtown Boise that just happens to sell gems. Coincidence? You tell us.

S1: Sunset Club

May 17, 2018
Joel Wayne

When's the last time you celebrated the sunset? We drop in on a social club for "those who like watching the sunset, getting together with queerfolk and having a hoot." Because, why not? Champagne toast included.

S1: JUMP (& Tractors)

May 10, 2018
Lacey Daley

Week six and it's about time we address the elephant in the room, er, city: What the heck is JUMP?

Joel Wayne

It's week five and we find ourselves looking for a place and an experience.  #postfloatglow is a real thing, people.

S1: Boise Acro Yoga

Apr 26, 2018
Joel Wayne

For week four, we turn to the digital world. Just as you can drive by a store or shop, you can scroll by or happen across tons of groups and spaces on the internet. So, what happens when you join one and then actually show up in real life? Listen in.

S1: The Beardsmith

Apr 19, 2018
Lacey Daley / Boise State Public Radio

For our third field trip, we find ourselves at The Beardsmith, a local barber shop that's doing its best to preserve the majesty of the beard.

Joel Wayne

In our second episode, we pop into a family-owned shop that specializes in clothing and jewelry from India, Pakistan, and Nepal.

Tag along for our first episode when we drop into a local reptile shop to learn about Jesus lizards, tail-less geckos, and why all women are attracted to snakes.