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Hunting for scorpions in the Idaho desert

Northern Scorpion CC-by Greg Lasley on iNaturalist.org.jpeg
Greg Lasley on iNaturalist.org
The northern scorpion (Paruroctonus boreus) is the most widespread and smallest scorpion in Idaho, reaching a length of up to two inches.

Late at night, in places like Idaho's Bruneau Sand Dunes, adventurers armed with black lights wander around - overturning rocks and peeking into cracks in the dirt.

They’re looking for scorpions, which glow in the dark and this activity is a growing hobby in places like Idaho.

Adare Evans, Aquatic Education State Coordinator with the Idaho Department of Fish and Game and writer for Wildlife Express, joins Idaho Matters to tell us more about this hobby and scorpions in Idaho.

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