Sasa Woodruff

News Director

With more than two decades in the broadcast news arena, Sáša has reported, produced and edited for major news outlets, including NPR, Public Radio International and American Public Media. She started her career in local TV stations in her hometown, Salt Lake City, Utah; there she produced daily news and TV documentaries.

She is a graduate of U.C. Berkeley's Graduate School of Journalism documentary film program with a thesis documentary on the pop culture of uranium. At NPR, she worked as the show editor for News and Notes and oversaw the west-coast production of Morning Edition with host, Renee Montagne. She has consulted and produced for various podcasts including launching two: The Slow Melt: A Podcast About Chocolate and the Bruce Lee Podcast.

Before coming to Boise State Public Radio, Sáša was a producer and editor for the Marketplace Morning Report.

Ways to Connect

Global Gardens

Global Gardens has been a lifeline for Boise’s local refugee population, but after losing key grant money, the program is scrambling to find new funding.


Courtesy: Franziska Borders

November 9,1989, Germans tore down the Berlin Wall that separated communist east Germany from the West. It was the beginning of the end of the Cold War. On the 30th anniversary, we hear from Idaho resident and an East German immigrant, Franziska Borders, who witnessed history firsthand and now teaches German at Boise State University.