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On The Tuesday, July 24, 2018 Edition Of Idaho Matters:

  • The new director of Idaho's Division of Veterans Services discusses caring for America's heros.
  • Idaho's Human Rights Commission addresses the rises in sexual harassment claims.
  • We look at the region's Basque heritage and upcoming Basque festival.
  • Kevin Davenport focuses on STEM stories this summer for the Statesman.

- Former state lawmaker Marv Hagedorn will soon assume the lead of the state's Division of Veterans Services and he joins Tuesday's Idaho Matters to talk about the programs helping Idaho's veteran population.

- The Idaho Human Rights Commission has reported a noticable spike in sexual harassment claims and much of the attribution to the increase in reporting goes to the #MeToo movement and the empowerment and support it has given to women in the workplace. Idaho Matters examines this uptick with Benjamin Earwicker, director of Idaho's HRC and Annie Pelletier Hightower, director of law and policy with the Idaho Coalition Against Sexual and Domestic Violence.

- The San Inazio Festival is an annual event to honor St. Ignatius of Loyola, the patron saint of the Basques. It began more than 25 years ago and now thousands come to the Basque Block at the end of every July to see local musicians and dancers as well as Basque sporting events.

- Kevin Davenport has been covering science content for the Idaho Statesman this summer. He'll join Idaho Matters to talk about algae blooms, bee colony collapse and a plague affecting humans and pets alike.