Boise City Council

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At a Boise City Council meeting this week, councilmembers doubled down on taking over the Grove Plaza from Capital City Development Corporation. Members reconsidered language in the transfer deal.

The Boise City Council cleared the way for another residential development in the heart of the city. The building will be the third from a Los Angeles-based developer.

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It’s official: The City of Boise will start charging visitors to park in the main downtown core on Saturdays beginning next year.

City of Boise

Stack Rock Reserve will grow to more than 2,000 acres under a new deal approved by Boise City Council Tuesday.

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The Boise City Council is set to vote on a contract worth more than $1.4 million that will equip police officers with body cameras.

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Boise voters will see a familiar proposal on their ballots this fall. Tuesday night the city council unanimously endorsed increasing taxes in exchange for more open space.

If voters decide to back the levy in November, $10 million will go toward conservation projects around Boise. Taxes will go up by $2.39 per $100,000 of taxable value on residential property for the next two years.

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Boise City Council members had three hours of questions this afternoon about how ride-sharing platform Uber would work – and be regulated by the city.  In the end, the council voted unanimously to have an ordinance drafted for a public hearing by the end of next month.

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The Boise City Council Tuesday put off a decision on whether to allow ride-sharing service Uber to operate, saying tweaks were needed to the agreement before allowing the service to become permanent and charge customers.

The council's inaction means Uber can still operate in Boise, but it can't charge passengers.

The council will again take up the matter Feb 24.

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The five-member board of the Ada County Highway District (ACHD) will soon have two new voices on the commission. Kent Goldthorpe gained incumbent Mitch Jaurena's seat in District Four, and Paul Woods beat out five other candidates to win the open seat in District Three.

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A new initiative to make daycare centers healthier for Boise children will be the subject of a public hearing Tuesday at Boise City Hall. 

City councilman T.J. Thomson wants the city to adopt his “Healthy Child Care Initiative.”

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The Boise City Council Tuesday unanimously approved revamped panhandling restrictions after last year's ordinance to limit the practice was largely struck down by a federal  judge.

At the beginning of January, a federal judge halted the majority of Boise's new anti-panhandling ordinance, the very day it was supposed to go into effect. The judge said parts of the law to limit panhandling in Boise restricted free speech.

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If this were math class, Boise would have failed its latest test.

Boise got 56 points out of a possible 100 on the Human Rights Campaign’s (HRC) municipal equality index. This is the second year the national gay rights advocacy group has ranked Idaho's capital.

The DC-based organization looked at policies in all the capital cities in the country, as well as each state’s largest towns.

Boise Asks Voters To Approve New Debt For Parks

Nov 4, 2013
Scott Graf / Boise State Public Radio

Boise residents will vote Tuesday on two bond proposals that total $51 million with financing fees. That translates to about $32 million in actual spending money.

The city would use some of the funds to buy more open space, likely in the foothills for instance. Money would also be used to build three new city parks and upgrade three others. 

Boise Passes Controversial Law To Limit Panhandlers

Sep 18, 2013
Jessica Murri / Boise State Public Radio

Boise’s City Council approved a plan to limit what the city labels as aggressive panhandling. About 75 people showed up at City Hall Tuesday night, many to protest the vote.

The council passed the ordinance 3 to 1. It doesn’t ban panhandling all together, as long as those who do it don't target specific people or groups.

Critics say this ordinance is too restrictive. Larry Shamks is homeless and disabled. He plays the ukulele now because his hands can’t handle the guitar, which he says he played for 40 years.

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Boise Mayor Dave Bieter says his “buck a month” bond proposals will do a lot to improve livability in the city. Bieter and his staff have heard positive – and negative – feedback since he first floated the idea of a bond election back in June. In total, the bond package will cost $32.4 million.