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On September 14th, 2001, communities around the U.S. held a day of remembrance for those who died in the September 11th terror attacks. It was on this day that University of Idaho professor Gary Machlis stood before an auditorium full of fellow faculty members and students and shared his thoughts about what 9-11 meant.  Here is an excerpt from Machlis’ speech:


Bronco Football Tickets Go Fast

Sep 14, 2011

BOISE, ID. – Bronco football tickets went on sale to the general public Wednesday.  But many passionate fans are shut out due to high prices and lack of seats.

About two dozen fans wait in line to buy tickets to Bronco home games.  Some are willing to shell out as much as $75 a person.  Julie Houston says she loves attending home games. 

Julie Houston:  “You know, when the crowd, ‘BOI-SE! STATE!’ You know, just the enthusiasm and everything. I can’t pick one thing because everything is just so exciting – the crowd, even riding the bus.  I mean everyone’s so hyped up.”


BOISE, Id – This week we’re looking at how the ten year anniversary of September 11th changed Idaho. One of those changes has been on the law enforcement front especially when it comes to training people how to handle terrorism events.  In fact, 9-11 was the catalyst for one Idaho man to launch a private company that does just that.  Chadd Harbough is the President of the Eagle-based Government Training Institute.He told Samantha Wright he got the idea for the company while he was a police officer in Garden City.

Remembering 9/11: Idaho Statehouse Security

Sep 13, 2011

BOISE, ID. – This week we’re looking back at what happened in Idaho right after September 11th.  Ten years ago security around the state tightened, especially at the Idaho Capitol.  But it’s a different story today.

Today, you can walk right through the doors of the Capitol without going through a metal detector or a bag search.  But right after September 11th, Idaho’s then Governor Dirk Kempthorne beefed up security to protect the state against terrorism.

BOISE, ID. – The National Collegiate Athletic Association cited Boise State University for violations in its football, tennis, track and field, and cross country programs today.  Gregory Sankey, a member of the NCAA’s Committee on Infractions, says this was a major case, “I think the extent of the report indicates the number of allegations.  They occurred in five sports, exceeding five years, and exceeded 75 either prospective student-athletes or student-athletes involvement.”   

BOISE, ID. – The NCAA cited Boise State University for violations in five sports Tuesday.  You can read the full report here.  The University’s President is disappointed with the outcome.


The U.S Congress recently cut the budget for the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration’s aging satellites.  That could spell some trouble for meteorologists here in Idaho who rely on these satellites for information.

Two Boise Projects on the Drawing Board

Sep 12, 2011

BOISE, ID. – Two projects in Idaho’s Capitol City are in the early stages of development.  But they have the potential to add jobs and people downtown. 

Downtown Boise’s only department store — Macy’s — closed its doors about a year ago.  Now, there’s interest from a possible buyer.  Todd Bunderson is acting head of the Capitol City Development Corporation, Boise’s redevelopment agency.

Todd Bunderson:  “We can’t say too much except for we understand it is under contract and there’s a couple of development entities that are looking at a reuse of the project.”


BOISE, Id – More Idaho soldiers are preparing to head to Afghanistan just as the last of the 116th Cavalry Brigade trickles home from a year-long stint in Iraq.  Sixty National Guard soldiers from the 168th will support ongoing operations in Afghanistan.  Colonel Tim Marsano is with the Idaho National Guard.

Sugar Showdown

Sep 12, 2011


Boise ID – Two sides of the agricultural industry are squared up for a court battle. Sugar producers, including Idaho’s Amalgamated Sugar, are suing corn producers. But it’s not about land use or water it’s over… words.

There’s a series of TV commercials. They all show two people and a sweet treat. This one features two women with a gallon of punch at a kids’ party.

First woman “Wow, you really don’t care what the kids eat do you?”

Second woman “Excuse me.”

First woman “That has high fructose corn syrup in it.
Second woman “And?”

Flying Idaho Post 9/11

Sep 12, 2011


Bill Lebotski lifts his suitcase off the carousel at the Boise airport.   Lebotski moved away from Boise twenty five ago but he visits three or four times a year. He recalls the days anyone could walk up to the gate and watch loved ones step off their planes.

Bill Lebotski  “They’re long gone. They seem like a lifetime ago.

Adam Cotterell “Do you ever miss those days?”

Bill Lebotski “Of course we do. I think we all miss those days, but it’s just part of the reality of living in the new millennium, I guess.

Adam Cotterell “Are you OK with that?”


The National Park Service hosts dedication and commemoration ceremonies this weekend to honor the victims of Flight 93 in Pennsylvania.  Dr. Gary Machlis is a professor at the University of Idaho.  He currently serves as the science advisor for the National Park Service. Machlis says the ceremonies lead up to the unveiling of a permanent memorial where flight 93 crashed.

BOISE, ID. – The Idaho Bureau of Homeland Security didn’t exist in name ten years ago.  But in the years after September 11th, this agency has become the nerve center for handling disasters.  Scott Ki toured its facility at Gowen Field in Boise. 

Robert Feeley:  My name’s Robert Feeley and I’m the Public Information Officer for the Idaho Bureau of Homeland Security.  Ki: OK, let’s go on this tour now. 

Robert Feeley:  Downstairs is our emergency operations center.  And this was put together with some grant funds that we got from the federal government.

BOISE, ID. – For some in the military, September 11th was their motivation to enlist.  That was the case for some of the soldiers who make up the 116th Cavalry Brigade of the Idaho National Guard.  Scott Ki met up with them at Joint Base Lewis-McChord near Tacoma, Washington, where they shared their memories of 9/11.

Specialist Shawn Ryan of Boise was seventeen years old on September 11th, 2001.

The Idaho Supreme Court has refused to play the Redistricting Game. The Court today threw out two lawsuits and said it has no authority to order Idaho’s Redistricting Commission back to work. The lawsuits came from the Secretary of State and the Republicans on the Commission. That’s after the Commission failed to redraw Idaho’s Legislative and Congressional maps during their 90 day session. The Supreme Court says it only has jurisdiction to rule on the old Redistricting plan from 2002.

Boise Neighborhood Summit

Sep 9, 2011


Saturday, Garden City (Doubletree Riverside hotel) plays host to a city of Boise event. It is the Treasure Valley Neighborhood Summit, sponsored by the program Boise Celebrates Good Neighbors and the Idaho Crime Prevention Association. Boise has put on similar gatherings for neighborhood associations in the past but they’ve focused solely on crime prevention. Saturday’s event is a daylong conference dedicated to the broader notion of strengthening neighborhoods. Lynn Lockhart is excited about the event. Lockhart is the president of Boise’s Morris Hill neighborhood association.

BOISE, Id – Idaho soldiers with the 116th Cavalry Brigade Combat Team have spent the last nine months in Iraq.  Now they’re flying back in small groups. They first arrive at Joint Base Lewis-McChord near Tacoma, Washington.  There the soldiers go through what’s known as “out-processing” for about ten days.  They get a health check, turn in their weapons, and figure out legal and personnel issues.   Scott Ki is at Lewis McChord today to talk to the soldiers who are coming home.  I asked him what a typical day on the base was like.

Cougar Killed In Boise

Sep 8, 2011


A mountain lion was killed in Boise early Thursday morning. And Ada County sheriff’s deputy shot the animal on the grounds of St. Alphonsus Medical Center on Curtis Road. The cougar was a juvenile and weighed about 80 pounds. Steve Nadeau with Idaho’s department of Fish and Game says mountain lions sometimes come into Boise in late summer when streams and pools in the hills dry up.

Salt Fire Causes Mandatory Evacuations

Sep 7, 2011

BOISE, ID. – People are being evacuated southwest of Salmon.  That’s because the Salt Fire has grown.  The Lemhi County Sheriff’s Office and the National Forest Service ordered a mandatory evacuation Tuesday. 

The Salt blaze has charred more than fifteen thousand acres.  The fire threatens several buildings in the forest according to Madonna Lengerich of the Bureau of Land Management. 

BOISE, Id – The bi-partisan group tasked with re-tooling Idaho’s congressional and legislative lines, couldn’t wrap up business by Tuesday’s deadline.  The Commission’s failure kicks the whole redistricting process up to the justices sitting on the bench of the Idaho Supreme Court. Today the Secretary of State asked the Court to bring the commission back for up to sixty days. Meanwhile Republican commissioners asked the justices to adopt the GOP maps or reconvene the commission for three days.

Idaho Grants Mega Load Permits to Exxon

Sep 7, 2011


Boise Idaho – About two hundred mega loads could roll down Idaho’s scenic highway 12. The state’s Department of Transportation granted permits to Imperial Oil/Exxon Mobile Wednesday. Adam Cotterell reports.


The price of copper is pushing $4.05 per pound.  The price of brass has been up since May.  With prices of metals on the rise, scrap metals have become more popular to steal and sell back to recyclers.