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Everybody has made a batch of cookies or brownies and thought, "These are really good ... people would buy these." We discuss the path from foodie daydreams to marketable product with Albertsons and the University of Idaho's Food Technology Center.

November 12-18 is National Apprenticeship Week and the Department of Labor is highlighting the benefits of programs that match trainee/students with employers willing to teach trades and cultivate the workforce. We'll meet with Idaho's Department of Labor and a Kuna heating and air firm that trains apprentices.

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The national rate of homeless veterans has been decreasing since 2010 and Idaho saw a minor decrease in the last year.

In a press release Thursday morning, Housing and Urban Development Secretary Ben Carson announced a national 5.4% decrease in homeless veterans, over last year.


Chevron has helped put more than $43 million into classroom projects since 2010 with their 'Fuel Your School' campaign. We look at ways this program has helped Idaho students.

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New data from the Idaho Department of Labor shows a continuing decline in the state’s unemployment rate.

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Gem State farmers set new records with the average wheat yield per acre. According to the Capital Press, part of that success was due to Mother Nature: Farmers got moisture and hot temperatures at the right amount and the right time.



Approval of the Proposition 2 ballot measure would result in an expansion of the state's Medicaid eligibility. Those opposed to expansion argue Medicaid expansion would cost Idahoans more out of pocket and limit medical choices. We will hear from those opposed to Prop 2.

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Sales of existing homes in Ada County for September were down by double digits. It’s the first decline of that size since February of 2017.

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After a long and heavy winter wrecked much of southwest Idaho’s 2017 grape harvest, local vineyards and wineries alike are excited to see that this year’s harvest is on the upswing.

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Each year, Boise Startup Week invites top tech entrepreneurs to the Treasure Valley to share ideas, pitch wares and seek startup capital. This year's begins on October 17 and Vynyl's Nick Crabbs and Trailhead's Tiam Rastegar join us to touch on upcoming tech trends and the value of drawing the contributions to the region's growing small business sector.

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After more than 100 years of doing things the old-fashioned way, businesses in Idaho can now file reports online.


The Made Here! Expo highlights products manufactured in Idaho and connects companies with skilled job seekers in an effort to grow Idaho's economy and job market.


Research from the Climate Impact Lab shows that in the next 20 years, the number of days below freezing at major ski resorts could drop by weeks or months.

Headwaters Economics

A recent report looking at Bonner County in Idaho reveals – like many communities across the state – the area enjoys a lot of economic benefits from outdoor recreation and trails.

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Depending on where you live in Idaho, you might find that prices at your local gas station are 30-40 cents higher per gallon than in neighboring Wyoming and Montana. So...what’s up with that?