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Idaho National Laboratory, Clean Up Contractor, Mum On Nuclear Waste Change

Federal officials say a move to reclassify high-level nuclear waste will not affect an agreement to remove that material from Idaho, though there are some skeptics.

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Paul Winter On Piano Jazz

Nov 10, 2008

This episode of Piano Jazz features the unique music of soprano saxophonist Paul Winter. He joins host Marian McPartland, along with bassist Gary Mazzaroppi and drummer Glenn Davis, for a set of ballads and originals. The set also features an additional special soloist — a humpback whale.

"It was very impressive," remembers McPartland. "And we don't often do a show so full of ballads. It was a different sort of show."


Our new journalist in Twin Falls

Listeners in the Magic and Wood River Valleys have long been asking Boise State Public Radio to improve coverage of the issues important to them.

on Idaho Matters


Lunar Planetary Laboratory Researcher Looks For Killer Asteroids

Films like Armageddon and Deep Impact paint a catastrophic picture of asteroid strikes on Earth, and they can be cataclysmic. Ask the dinosaurs. That's why scientists like Alessandra Springmann of University of Arizona’s Lunar Planetary Laboratory keep eyes on the skies to monitor near-Earth passages of asteroids and other celestial debris. Springmann is the guest speaker at this month's First Friday Astronomy Event at Boise State's Science and Education Building and she joins Idaho Matters to talk about tracking space rocks from the Arecibo Observatory in Puerto Rico.

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